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WE.COM possesses several key attributes that distinguish it as an ultra premium domain name. It's simply the best available domain on the market today; representative of connecting and driving interactive dialogue with people and brands in a digital world.

  • Rare and highly desirable two-letter domain with exceptional potential that's exceedingly relevant.
  • Memorable, short and succinct in nature, this domain captures users’ attention and evokes a sense of purpose that is to-the-point like nothing else you will find available today.
  • Adding to the power of WE.COM, it's a common usage word with positive connotations further escalating its commerce potential both current and future.
  • Strategic blocking is a valid marketing strategy to block others from owning a domain such as happened with the highest price domain purchase ever of $35 million for VacationRentals.com by HomeAway.com so that Expedia would not get it. See HomeAway.com CEO Brian Sharples explaining why they spent $35 million buying VacationRentals:   
    Note that this very desirable WE.COM premium domain is available for just a fraction of the price that VacationRentals.com was sold for.

Two letter domains add value, increase brand equity and credibility online. Comparable sales include FB.com purchased by Facebook in 2010 for $8.5 million and YP.com was purchased for $3.85 million by YellowPages.com. These domains provide branding potential as unique as the companies they represent. WE.COM has the additional value in that it has application for almost any business. It is more recognizable and memorable than other two letter domains.

When global brands adopt two-letter domains, the value is not only recognized, but embraced by the companies and consumers that utilize their services. Prime examples include HP.com (Hewlett Packard), AA.com (American Airlines), VW.com (Volkswagen), GE.com (General Electric), GM.com (General Motors) and a host of other world-class brands. WE.com can be branded very quickly without the millions of dollars of marketing expense that is the norm for branding other domain names.

In and of themselves, two-letter domains create noteworthy internet destinations. They can also serve solely as URL shorteners to complement their brand and are powerful enough to balance rebranding efforts, serve as a marketing vehicle, and even as an event horizon to build a more structured and durable brand in the face of increasing global competition.

WE.COM is your opportunity to take command of your brand, grow your market, and create a compelling destination all at once. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity.


For pricing and more information contact:

John Mauriello